This is where I'll put other shit that, while I still want it to be on the site, I don't want to go through the effort of changing the menu bar on every page for. Or just general misc shit. Bit of both.


Donate - Give me your hard earned pennies. Or don't, your choice.

Awards & Site Lists - Awards and lists that my site's on.

Contact Me - Send me an email. It's an alt account, so spamming it's pretty pointless.

Keybase - Use this to verify my PGP signatures n' shit (If I bother using them.)

Neocities - The service I use to host this site. It's free and easy to use. Get a site, nerd.

Feedback & Advertising:

Bannerlink - Banner ads for Neocities. Upload yours today!

Ringlink - A webring I set up. No real theme, so feel free to join with whatever.

Guestbook - My guestbook. Tell me how terrible my site is.


Plan 9 Progress Log - Keeping track of my progress as I fuck with a niche OS.

Discord Media Fuckery - A page I wrote on how to fuck with media embeds on Discord.

Wayback Machine - You know what this is.

The Internet Archive - A digital library of everything. Except porn. Maybe.

GifCities - A project by the Internet Archive, full of crusty late-90s GIFs.

PNG Compressor - Lets you compress PNG images, with full control over the compression amount.

EZGif - Online tool for fucking around with GIFs. Very useful.

The 88x31 Collection - A huge collection of 88x31 buttons.

Neocities Wiki - The unofficial Neocities wiki.

Park City Library - An online library for a whole bunch of shit.


Telehack - Cruise the databahn at 9600 baud with this ARPAnet simulator. Use SSH.


LHOHQ - I'm not sure what to say about this one.