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[06:15] December 21st, 2021

lol whoops i havent touched this site in months. will fix that soon enough but im real fuckin high right now

[15:14] August 19, 2021

Might migrate my hosting to 000webhost. Neocities is nice, but I wanna do some serverside shit.

[15:22] August 15, 2021

site's overdue for some maintenance, i'll get around to that soon, hopefully. a few things have broken probably due to a browser update, so im gonna get around to fixing those first

[02:28] July 11, 2021

man why do i only ever wanna work on site shit when its almost 4 in the morning and im barely awake? when im awake i dont have the energy but when im tired i, paradoxically, do have the energy. shit's wack.

[12:53] July 09, 2021

I just had the terrible, terrible idea of making some kind of tiny forum on here. I don't even know anything about writing a login system, so if anything it'd probably be more like an anonymous board. I've got a few more ideas, too. More viable ones.

[02:42] July 03, 2021

Sorted some shit out, mainly the volume of the button sounds. They were fucking deafning, now they're not. I also switched out the background music. Still working on getting Icecast streaming to work properly. Might try whining at someone on SDF to see if they can convince someone to get anonradio an SSL cert.

[01:40] June 27, 2021

yes im going to make more themes eventually, shush. i'll also give them their own page

[22:58] June 26, 2021

You may have noticed me fucking around with a LOT of files. That's because there's a shiny new update. Go to the homepage and hit the toggle fleshnet button, see what happens.

[05:23] June 25, 2021

I finally got around to (mostly) fixing a few display issues the site was having on other resolutions. Now all you creeps on square monitors can view the site properly. Nothing for mobile users yet, though. Get a computer, losers.

[00:45] June 19, 2021

The music page is probably gonna be quiet for a while now - working on trying to get an Icecast radio to play on it, but Neocities seems to not like that it isn't HTTPS. At least, I ASSUME that's why it won't connect.

[00:00] May 30, 2021

I added my referral link to the Warez page. If you don't already have a Mega account, I'd appreciate if you signed up using it. It costs you nothing, all the referral does is gives me 20% commission IF you decide to sign up for a paid plan. Helps me pay for food, so if you don't feel like giving me money for nothing in return, you can sort of still give me money via my Mega referral. Or not, if you decide to stick with the Free plan.

[16:58] May 26, 2021

boy oh boy i finally fixed my sleep schedule kinda but it feels weird going to sleep at barely even midnight and waking up at 8 AM. shit doesnt feel right

[02:50] May 19, 2021

Once I get the entire site up and running properly (some shit's still not up just yet), I think I'm gonna do some maintenance on the music page. Starting with making all the album covers a single, fixed resolution, so I don't have some album covers taking five solid seconds to load in while the others are instantaneous. Speaking of the music page, lemme know if you have any recommendations for music, be it for the list, or for background music.

[21:58] May 15, 2021

Got my second covid vaccine yesterday, so today I have a cool new fever and a headache. Didn't sleep much last night, either. At least I didn't vomit.

[04:49] May 14, 2021

Realized why my Plex server kept hanging. It was doing a full scan of all of my media libraries every time ANY file was created or modified in one of them. I'm gonna try and switch it to only scan the affected directory and see if that fixes it. ...After it finishes scanning. Won't let me change settings while it's mid-scan.

[01:07] May 14, 2021

I'm gonna stop starting my posts with 'Well,'. Promise.

[01:03] May 14, 2021

Well, my Plex server keeps eating shit. Not sure what's up with it. It's plugged directly into my router's Ethernet, but its connection keeps dropping and I need to go restart it. If I'm already SSH'd into the server, that's fine, just run a reboot command, but if I'm not, that means I need to get off my ass and go physically restart it. Which sucks.

[11:20] May 13, 2021

Well, I got that script working. It's pretty janky right now, but it's late, and I'll have time to polish it more after I get my second covid shot tomorrow. If it doesn't fuck me up as bad as the first one did, that is. Might put the script up on Github, too, so I don't end up losing it. Either way, this is much more comfortable than manually writing the HTML.

[03:09] May 12, 2021

I just had the terrible, terrible idea of writing a script to post to this log rather than manually doing it every time I want to post something. Well, there goes my next couple of days, I guess.

[23:33] May 11, 2021

The redesign's finally up and running. It took me way longer than I expected, and as a result of that, I missed a lot of emails. If I haven't gotten back to you, send me another email. I'll get to it as soon as I can.

[20:05] March 12, 2021

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